Pheasant Hunting - Turkey Hunting - Quail Hunting - Rooster Hunting - Bird Hunting at The Dunn Deal Hunting Lodge

Welcome to The Dunn Deal Hunting Lodge - Southern Iowa

Our Lodge is the best that southern Iowa has to offer in hunting, fishing, and recreation! Our main Lodge is overlooking a privately stocked pond, you can easily spend a weekend - or several weeks - away from it all...but not too far away.

Why The Dunn Deal?


  • #1 in Pheasant Hunting - Quail Hunting - Turkey Hunting - Bird Hunting - Rooster Hunting.
  • With over 1 million roosters shot annually.
  • Access to some of the best pheasant hunting in South Central and Eastern Iowa.
  • Over 1000 acres of private land available for hunting.


Welcome to The Dunn Deal Hunting Lodge

We have over 5000 acres of private land for hunting in addition to our 300 acres private retreat which hosts 2 ponds, wildlife food plots, and plenty of room to roam. Miles of mowed trails conveniently invite hikers to explore and see nature at its best.

The main lodge is available to accommodate 11 people comfortably. It has four bedrooms with two queen size beds in each room. Plus three, eight foot couches that are very comfortable. The lodge has radiant heat flooring along with an AC unit and a regular heater. The main building is over 5,000 square feet with the living quarters being over 2,500 sf. The lodge has a full kitchen and two baths as well as a separate laundry room.

The Dunn Deal Hunting Lodge: Your Host

My name is Erik Wilson and I have spent my entire life on the land as a hunter and a farmer.

Iowa Hunting Lodge

The Dunn Deal Hunting Lodge is located about 10 miles west of Albia, Iowa or about 10 miles east of Chariton, Iowa where the presumed new world record buck was taken. I have some really comfortable deer stands and many ideal locations. Our lodge offers the best of Iowa hunting experiences. If you need a guided hunting experience, I offer personal attention to details. For more information about BOOKING YOUR HUNTING TRIP contact me.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Articles

Pheasant Hunting In Iowa's Central Area

White-tail deer

When it comes to ringnecks, Des Moines-area upland bird hunters won't be left out in the cold this year: Thousands of acres of pheasant-friendly habitat and strong populations of birds...

Hunting in Iowa:

Guns For Pheasant

Due to the great number of shotguns presently available it is impossible for me to mention very many in this report, but I will write a word or two about several over/under doubles I have been impressed with of late. A couple are from Weatherby ...

Pheasant Hunting Techniques

A wide variety of techniques can be used when hunting pheasants. This is probably one of the reason pheasant hunting appeals to so many people. A lone hunter can usually hunt field edges, fencerows and small weed patches. Many enjoy the solitude and easy pace of this type of hunting.

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