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Duck hunting


Duck hunting season initiates on Saturday and even current soaked weather is one double-edged blade, says Bay Fish of Hawk and Game.

One wet spring assisted young duck endurance as this provided them additional opportunities for feeding on invertebrates at water puddles.

On hunters' downside, it even gave ducks opportunities to feed at flooded paddocks, somewhat than keeping that localized around dams and ponds.

Low cloud can make the birds fly lower, even reduced visibility assisted hunters camouflage at their maimais.

Game and Fish said this will one strong enforcement program over season along with any emphasis in opening the weekend for ensuring hunters were complying and licensed along with regulations and region.

Regulations guides are provided away free along with every license sold even are on Game website and Fish.

Pete McIntosh the regional manager said, "Teams of rangers and staff would be out at visiting maimais and force at your area."

"So do not chance your destiny and purchase the game bird license with following regulations."

icenses of Game bird is even allowed holder for hunting cock pheasants with region, along with the most river limits at Bay holding strong populations.