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Hints of Bow Hunting

Probably one of the most advantageous ways of hunting using a bow to kill a prey without noticing until it's too late. Bow hunting is not only one of the best ways to hunt; it's also a memorable experience.

But like almost every way of hunt, Bow Hunting requires techniques. Most notable of these tactics are archery from higher spots and the archery ground chase. Many hunters prefer hunting from tree stands between 15 or 20 feet off the ground, finding the right tree with a good sight and giving cover at the same time while waiting for the prey to get a clear and advantageous shot so the animal they are waiting don't notice the presence of the hunter so easily. However, the above hunter must take care of his odor, and wind changes more carefully. Maybe the animal wont look to higher places at first place, but a suddenly wind change can alert it and put it on guard, so any move can scare it and make it run as fast as hell. The above hunter should know the common habits of the prey, escape routes, food stops, trails and the places where the animal usually goes. Then chose the best place to wait and be armed with a lot of patience.

When chasing an animal from the ground, the moving must be subtle, with many stops and be focused in everything that happens in the surroundings; any rush, can ruin the full hunt. You usually cover great part of the terrain, and have more opportunities to get a prey. Like in the above hunting, the wind takes a great play in the chase. You can conceal your odor and the sounds while stalking from a good position.

Basics for bow hunting are the usual. Scent control, good concealment and knowing your prey habits. Having these in mind will lead to a successful bow hunt. Finding the best working technique is part of the fun in becoming a good bow hunter.