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Hunter's Information Tips for Early-Season Pheasant Hunting

Early in the season you can find pheasants most anywhere, including grass fields, cattail sloughs, cornfields, roadside ditches and brushy draws. They may be in light or heavy cover. Public hunting areas, though crowded, produce a lot of birds. Here are some early-season hunting tips:

•Wait until the initial opening-day barrage is over, and then go back through areas that have already been hunted. Birds flushed by hunters move between different fields throughout the day.

•Look for dense or hard-to-reach cover that would discourage all but die-hard hunters.

•Work short-grass loafing areas adjacent to crop-fields. These spots "burn out" early, however, and then hold only hens.

•For the close-range shooting likely in early season, most hunters prefer improved-cylinder or modified-choke shotguns with high brass, size 6 or 7 1/2 shot.