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Hunting Tips How to Hunt Pheasants

Gain the advantage with these great pheasants hunting tips.


1. Get a good dog. It may be even possible to rent one if it is your first time and you need assistance. Make sure you have a guide with you on your first few times.

2. Walk around an area in a "S" pattern so that you cover all the ground. Keep your dog near you, but not too close. When your dog stops and points, you need to get as close as you can very quickly. The next few steps will happen very quickly. When the dog sees you coming up from behind, it will run towards the pheasant. If you waited too long, the bird will have been gone already, the dog very confused. As the dog runs toward the bird, it will fly up into the air very quickly.

3. Aim ahead of the direction the bird is flying in. Make your shot only after the bird is above human height. You will have about a two second period to make your shot, so you need to be very quick. If you hit the bird and killed it, good job. Most dogs will go retrieve the bird for you. If not, don't worry, you will most likely get another chance. Start again.