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The Game Guns For Pheasant

Due to the great number of shotguns presently available it is impossible for me to mention very many in this report, but I will write a word or two about several over/under doubles I have been impressed with of late. A couple are from Weatherby, the Orion Upland and the Athena Grade IV. I used the latter on an Arkansas duck hunt and a Minnesota pheasant hunt and have yet to find anything to complain about. Both models are quite handsome, beautifully balanced, throw excellent patterns, and are available in 12 and 20 gauge. Another newer over/under I really enjoyed hunting with was the Citori Feather XS from Browning. Other new over/unders include the Remington Model 300 Ideal and USRAC/Winchester Supreme.

I'm sure more pheasants fall victim to hunters armed with autoloaders than with any other type of shotgun. This is easy to understand considering the affordable price of some of them along with the ability of the gas-operated models to soak up part of the recoil from heavy loads. Of the new autoloaders I have field-tested, the ones that impressed me most were the Weatherby SAS and Beretta AL391. Both are very nice guns. Other good autoloaders are available from Remington, Browning, Mossberg, Franchi, and Benelli.

As slide-action guns go, I see more pheasant hunters toting Remington 870s and discontinued Winchester Model 12s than all others combined. I seldom hunt with the pump gun, but if ever that changes I'll probably go with the 12-gauge 870 Wingmaster for wild pheasant and the same gun in 28-gauge for preserve hunting. Other pump guns I wouldn't mind spending a day or two in the field with are the Browning BPS, Benelli Nova, USRAC/ Winchester Model 1300 Ranger, and Mossberg Model 500 Sporting.